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HRM Question One

The increase in technology use and trends in globalization are affecting human resource functions as employees are now turning to nontraditional work schedules. Traditional work agendas demand that employees work for fixed hours during specific days, especially from Monday to Friday (Snell & Bohlander, 2012). However, nontraditional work schedules allow employees to alter their working hours and days as long as they meet their working hour target. Alexander, Dijst, & Ettema (2010) explain that due to the widespread adoption of both communication and information technologies together with the increased flexibility of the nontraditional work schedules, people can work flexibly. These working schedules can make it easier for small business employers to recruit their employees in various ways.

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First, flexibility in the schedule of working can help fix the most suitable time for recruitment and conduct the necessary procedures involved in the recruitment and selection processes. According to Snell & Bohlander (2012), flexible working agenda, which is a form of nontraditional working schedule, can be utilized by an employee to compress the working hours in a week. For instance, a small business employer can decide to work for extra hours a day compared to those working in schedules with fixed hours. As a result, this work compression technique can lead to the creation of free time on most days of the week. For the entrepreneur, this is significant for recruitment because the employer will have extra time to implement the recruitment and selection processes. These processes are time-consuming and may impact the working time reducing business performance. On the other hand, the employer can have less supervision work when the employees use flexible schedule, which can be utilized in recruit of other workers. Therefore, with the utilization of this free time created by the use of a flexible work schedule, adequate time is created for recruitment without affecting the hours of business performance.

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Furthermore, nontraditional working schedules relieve the stress resulting from the fixed working hours that give a small business employer an ample opportunity to execute a stress-free recruitment procedure. For instance, part-time home engagement combined with part-time office working can help employees comprehensively interact with their families because there is an increased time to spend at home (Alexander, Dijst, & Ettema, 2010). This is similar to the situation when an individual adopts a compressed work schedule because extra time is created. Spending time with the family can help reduce the work stress levels, something that increases the productivity of employees (Hayman, 2009). Moreover, telecommuting can contribute to decreasing the stress encountered on the roads because of road traffic, especially during the hours when almost all employees are going to work or returning home. A manager or an employer who has less stress can increase productivity including the performance of human resource functions such as employee recruitment and selection among many others.

Also, the combination of technology use such as telecommuting and the adoption of nontraditional working schedules make recruitment work easy for small business employers. Snell & Bohlander (2012) defines telecommuting as the utilization of personal computers, networks, as well as other communication and technological devices to work at home by performing duties that should be implemented at work. Telecommuting is beneficial to small business employers because they do not need to move to their offices to perform human resource functions. Since technologies have advanced, the employer can review the job applications while being at home using the personal computer, particularly if the job applicants apply through the online platform. By doing this procedure and many other functions at home, the employer will have reduced the office time utilized for employee recruitment.

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HRM Question Two

Every employee has specific functions to perform on the job. In informal institutions, some of the functions and duties performed by employees are delivered directly through verbal communication, but in formalized organizations, the job requirements are written in advance. Snell & Bohlander (2012) define a job description as a statement of duties, tasks, and responsibilities of a job an employee should perform being on duty. Organizations and their managers use the written job requirements to enhance their functions, in particular for the human resource department.

As a general manager, I will use the formally written job requirements to advance my work in employee recruitment and selection when working with the human resource manager. The job requirements can be applied for advertisement functions or recruitment through availing specific job information to the potential candidates (Snell & Bohlander, 2012). Besides, I will be able to use the written job requirements to select suitable candidates for given job positions. Snell & Bohlander (2012) further reiterates the usage of written job requirements to help the managers to assess the suitability of job applicants for a particular position. Moreover, availing information about the requirement of the job to the applicants increases the ability of the organization to attract candidates with the required skills and knowledge for the job position.

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Finally, I can apply the requirements to offer training and development programs, conduct performance appraisals, and arrange employee compensation. The comparison of the written job requirements and employee performance helps the manager to understand areas that require further training and strengthening (Snell & Bohlander, 2012). After noting the weaknesses, managers can utilize training and development programs to work on employee weaknesses to increase organizational performance. Appraisal performance compares the employee performance and the expectations of the job requirements. Notwithstanding, I will also use the job requirements to determine the compensation for employee effectiveness depending on the duties and responsibilities performed.

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Buy custom Employees Work HRM Paper essay paper cheap

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