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Career Management

Career management is rather challenging considering the pace at which the world is developing nowadays. While in the past people usually graduated and got lifetime jobs, today they are open to more choices and opportunities. It makes the decision-making process even harder. Yet, certain techniques and strategies can be employed to minimize risks and increase inputs. They will be discussed within the framework of career management with recommendations regarding further development.

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To be successful, change management should be handled by the established strategies. There are basically six of them (Shafique, 2012). The first one provides for a tempting offer of career growth and development. It refers more to fresheners, who frequently lack job-related experience. In such a case, they should be ready that they will have to give more time in exchange for less pay (Greenhaus, Callahan, & Godshalk, 2010). Unfortunately, this rule applies to all industries and job positions. A career switch to a new, totally unknown field requires making several investments, and one should be definitely prepared for them.

Another two strategies provide for the use of available skills and education. The first one requires the identification of cross-functional capabilities that have been used at the previous workplace and which can still be employed in the future. These may include communication, networking, sales skills, as well as abilities to analyze big sets of data, improve customer services, or implement organizational changes successfully (Shafique, 2012). All of them may be necessary for a new workplace (Greenhaus et al., 2010). These skills can also be used as ones that will provide a person with means for living during education, and it is another strategy for career change management.

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Education is an appropriate step towards a change in one's career to a new field, which can be tried while a person is still employed by a former employer. Educational courses or studies help one to dive into the sought environment and to make necessary contacts with other entrepreneurs or people from the needed area (Shafique, 2012). These connections may then be used for a job search and other opportunities (Greenhaus et al., 2010). Networking alone can be also viewed as a career change management tool since it is a factor contributing to the development of one's idea and progressing within the chosen field of activity.

Considering smaller companies instead of corporations is also deemed to be a strategy for a career change. The main reason is that big organizations usually dehumanize employees and enforce regulations that often seem to be rather rigid. As a result, such conditions may lead to the burnout of workers (Greenhaus et al., 2010). The latter is recommended to look for suitable positions in smaller companies or creative start-ups, which may resonate with the expectations and desires of persons more than ambitions of global corporations (Shafique, 2012). Those employees considering a possibility of career change should also get rid of their bad habits because they can be viewed as an asset during the recruitment process. As Fisher (2011) notes, Some employers actually prefer people who, lacking industry experience, are also free of the bad habits and stale thinking that experience can engender. Therefore, the personal characteristics of employees should be well-polished.

Finally, the sixth strategy provides for persistence and countless attempts that need to be made on the way towards success. Such characteristic as persistence is also highly valued in any kind of business activity (Greenhaus et al., 2010). In fact, it is the key to success in any kind of career. This feature is frequently accompanied by optimism since a persistent person does not give up after the first failure (Shafique, 2012). He or she is still there after countless tries. Such people are usually solution-oriented. Therefore, they usually do not settle until they find a solution. Persistence also provides for the changing of one's career plans by various circumstances that arise and have different implications. It also means that one is restless about qualifications and knowledge obtained and engages in continuous learning and training. This quality is important no matter whether a person is employed or not. The reason is that it inspires one to get up in the morning and become prepared to win.

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Recommendations for on-going career development and management provide for the following. First of all, current employees are advised to invest in their education and knowledge because the future is nowadays extremely insecure (Greenhaus et al., 2010). People are replaced with machines, and there are no guarantees that one will not be fired because of further technological innovations. Secondly, skills and abilities learned, especially in the field of technology and the knowledge of the use of computer applications, will serve as tools for keeping afloat for some time (Shafique, 2012). Developing personal qualities like persistence is also important. Additionally, employees are recommended to trace trends and development opportunities within their own industry. Networking should also be emphasized because most jobs are usually got due to ties, but not characteristics of applicants.

In conclusion, career management should be planned and realized by one of the strategies offered above. To raise their employability opportunities and competitiveness in the labor market, employees are recommended to invest in education and networking, as well as to monitor current trends to identify possible threats and challenges facing their future and careers.

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Buy custom Career Management essay paper cheap

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