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Analysis of The Industrialization After the Civil War


The industrialization has come to be a term that most people are familiar with. Undoubtedly, industrialization has led to economic and social changes. It caused the transformation from an agrarian society to an industrial one. For manufacturing, it forced the re-organization of the economy. Depending on which aspect to consider, some say it was the worst transformation ever happened to America. As such, it is essential to have a look into the various ways that it influenced the lives of various subgroups.

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1. Three Major Aspects of Industrialization

a) First was society; there was a large number of people moving from the farm regions to urban areas in the north. There were also several factories where people had to work to earn their living. However, with the invention of steel and iron, a large portion of society turned to farms.

b) The second aspect was the economy; it was based on industries and caused the decrease in interests placed on investments. Besides, the interest rate in machines was low; it improved productivity, which also boosted the standards of living.

c) The final aspect is political; politics had a great impact on business, and not just on the working class or poor people. State, federal, and local politicians allocated lands and gave grants to their friends and supporters (Alcorta, 2015).

2. Five Groups affected by Industrialization

A) Middle and lower class

There was an explosion of the middle class as well as a boom in professional employment.

The union of labor groups had to put effort to fight for the worker's rights. In fact, employers just perceived the labor force in terms of numbers and revenue.

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B) African Americans

There was no advantage to the African Americans after the war. Instead, they were subjected to segregation, which lasted until the 1960s.

The southerners did not raise the wages paid out to the African American population.

C) Women's rights

There was an establishment of progressive reform groups, which included middle-class women and men. By the 19th century, women were educated and allowed to work outside the home.

The women from the lower class could either work within their homes or have low-wage factory jobs.

D) Rural farmers

There was a reduction in labor, which resulted in little or no production.

There was a lack in the government regulations of business.

E) Native Americans

Were a threat to the unity

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Were impacted by the industrialization push as a result of the boom. Their native lands were taken to create room for the lower and middle class (Thomson, 2011).

3) Five ways through which industrialization influenced the life of an average working American

i) Factories

Factories were the major employers and would employ mostly children and women. People would work for up to twelve hours with no break.

ii) Low wages

The employers had little regard for worker compensation.

iii) Child and female labor

Children did not get a chance to go to school since they have been working for long endless hours. However, women were preferred since they were paid less.

iv) Urbanization

There was a large shift from the provincial land towards the regions that were more urbanized searching for better employment opportunities.

The surge of opportunities allowed businesses to flourish

v) Living conditions

The skilled employed workers were forced to live under harsh conditions and still meet their targets. Immigrants, in their turn, had poor housing (Kemp, 2016).


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Eventually, industrialization has altered the lives of various subgroups. There was a transformation in all the sectors. From women to children, there were no subgroups that we're able to escape the impact of industrialization. Moreover, for some people, it has changed their lives for the better, while for others it made their lives worse. Overall, industrialization was unavoidable.

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Buy custom Industrialization after the Civil War essay paper cheap