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American Culture Analysis-Exploration and Thesis

American culture has a mythic identity. It consists of different beliefs and some dominant myths that are present in society. These tales are based on the issues that people just accept and adhere to without examining them critically. These myths include the nuclear family being the only sole basis for the society, or education empowering all the subjects in America. There is also the myth about America being a nation where people from diverse cultures are coming together and merge to form a nation of uniform culture. The other myth is that success is a result of hard work but nothing else.

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One more myth to mention is that gender roles are determined biologically but not by culture. The following essay deals with central issues that arise due to the differences in the composite society. The cultural diversity in America results in people doing things differently and affects people's way of viewing and handling things.

American culture was initially a western culture, but now it has been regulated by other cultures to form one which people have adopted. It involves African, Asian, Latin American, Native American, and Polynesian cultures. Due to migration, people from different countries and of different races and ethnic groups ended up coexisting together. The American culture has unique characteristics based on both social and cultural traits, for example, music, social arts, traditional knowledge, accent, and cookery, among others. The elements of the American culture include the conservation, scientific and religious fight, political structures, taking possible risks and free expression, and irreligionist factors. The modern American culture has spread across the globe through different forms of media that are being used currently.

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English is the national language and the official language of the USA. Americans have their unique culture in the field of fine arts. The first artists were creating portraits and paintings that seemed to be so realistic that it led to the development of American craft movement (Denning, 1998). Artworks in America have been ranked high, being represented by artists like Jackson Pollock and Norman Rockwell among many others. American music is unique. It includes such genres as rock and roll music, jazz, and techno, among others. This music is influential as it is listened to everywhere across the globe. It is diverse as it is influenced by African American culture (Naylor, 1998).

Science and technology in the American culture are developing each day; this has resulted in the growth and innovation of the nation at large. A lot of newly invented technologies were developed in the United States. Through the free immigration of scientists who have achieved different goals in the field of technology, the U.S. has gained some development. Among the researchers is a Scottish-American Graham Bell, who developed devices such as the telephone. The government initially introduced education in America where attendance of school was compulsory at the elementary level and high school levels. The students are given the option of studying in public schools, private schools, or home schools. There are levels, which vary with the age of the children. These levels are elementary, junior high school, and high school. There are still higher levels of degree (Naylor, 1998).

The U.S. is the most religious country among the developed countries. The government at the state and local levels are secular institutions which is the result of the separation of church and state. Popular culture has been involving Christianity regarding the morals to be embraced, salvation, and conscience. Some colonies are Roman Catholics, and still, others are Islamic, and there are other religions represented in the U.S.

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It has been permitted by the government for people to name their children. People are given a wide variety of names, and an extensive variety of trends to name too. The trends can be due to the race that you belong to, the geographical area that you come from, or the socioeconomic status that you belong to. Commonly for African Americans, religious names are used or the names that are inspired by popular culture (Naylor, 1998).

Although the nuclear family is special family set in the American mindset, there are other families setting like single-parent families, childless couples, and fused families too. Cookery and the style of cooking in the American culture are diverse. It is caused by the large population in the state, also due to the influences of the natives and the immigrants. For the Americans, the principal cereals that they use are wheat and corn. They use potatoes and other indigenous foods since immigrants mostly take the food of the country, which they originated from (Denning, 1998).

American culture is a popular culture known globally via mass media that is easing the means of communication, so many people in different countries have adopted it. It has its basis from immigration, which was made free. Therefore, the exchange of cultures and forming a common culture occurred (Colombo, Cullen & Lisle, 1992).

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