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Dissertation Chapter on Human Rights

From the findings, both countries have had women's rights violation reports that vary in severity and seriousness. I believe that each of these countries is strongly influenced by the factors that depict their culture and the societal attitude to the place of women. This makes it essential to consider the positions of various governments and cultures to the place of a woman before universal control measures are defined.

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Chapter Four Completion

The past, present, and future stages compared cannot be the same in either way. The situation is supposed to improve as one moves from the past to the present and, lastly, to the future. From the perspective of the past, there should be an improvement in the present and at least a much clearer vision of the future. It, thus, implies that the future should be brighter than the past and the present have been in the areas of jurisdiction.


Precise Definitions of Human Rights

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It was found out that human rights are inherent to the population of any region, color, sex, religion, or language; hence, the entitlement to humanity cannot be discriminated in any way. These diverse conditions are correlated and inseparable from each other. It is also evident that human rights issue entails civil rights, political rights, and other types of rights. These rights include the right to life, freedom, and liberty, and other socio-economic rights. They are protected by the national and international laws and treaties that are set in place to enhance harmony. It is, thus, clear from the definitions that such rights have no boundary and encompass a wider scope of rights, hence, not limited in any way.

Lastly, human rights are the basic standards of life without which life becomes unbearable, and dignity is lost. Violation of such rights amounts to treatments that portray the complainants as though they were not human beings. The demand for such respect in society is termed as Human rights advocation. It is clear from the definition of Human Rights that the cultural and social setup of various groups of people and geographical regions cannot be overlooked here.

Documented Cases of Human Rights Abuses

Workers in both the USA and Saudi experience numerous violations of their rights ranging from non-payment to partial payments of their duties domestically. It is, however, very common in Saudi, with abuse limited not only to the above-mentioned problems but also sexual, psychological as well as physically related abuses. Both countries have also experienced cases of domestic workers being denied the freedom of movement. In some cases, travel documents have been taken away from them so that they cannot travel back to their countries of origin if their employers treat them unfairly. Moreover, discriminatory acts against Muslims are very common in Saudi and the same is true of justice, education, and employment.

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Moreover, America has both children and adults prosecuted the same way, and the sentence is made irrespective of children are minors or not. At the same time, the research has revealed that protection from child labor is not clearly stated in America. This exposes children to any kind of hard work without any regulations offered in the constitution. The gaps in the provisions expose both children and adults to hard labor.

On the other hand, there are many issues relating to the rights of citizens. Their rights are, thus, not granted to them as corporal punishment with very little of the rule of law in operation is a common experience. The scenario is also associated with the lack of freedom of expression, movement, and tortures taking place in various parts of the country. These violations are emanating due to the dominance of Islam's Sharia laws. It is due to such conditions that citizens are not able to enjoy their full rights.

In addition, the USA has the highest number of those serving in prisons. This is because there exists a mandatory minimum process of sentencing in the country. It is true since some cases are paid with penalty deaths. This kind of practice is against the human rights of any nation, and yet it is still witnessed in the United States of America. However, such harsh and inhuman actions as death sentences and penalties are not favorable to the people.

Documented Cases of Women's Rights Abuses

The case of Natalie Morin in Saudi, who was locked by her husband in the house together with their children, amounts to abuse of human rights. She later left the country without her husband's permission, with the case being referred to the human rights activists, Wajeha al-Huwaider and Fawzia al-Oyouni, who had attended to her. This is an example of how women's rights are abused in Saudi.

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Another case documenting women's abuse is that of Iscah Achieng, a lady working in Saudi. Her experiences of being beaten by the employer and receiving death threats in case she tried to leave her place of work amongst many more prove this fact. In this particular case, there was no communication with other people apart from her employers. The case proves that those women are still suffering much as a result of the abuse of their rights.

In the USA, however, the abuse majorly refers to those serving in the military. Women like Weber Kate, Fintel Brittany, and Jessica Hinves were also molested sexually as they were carrying out their duties in the United States of America. Unfortunately, even with the existing evidence, justice could not be found due to the insufficient rule of law provision to protect women in such cases. Thus, handling matters related to sexual abuse or investigating the same has no clear procedure in the laws of America.

Homogeneity, Religion, and Collectivist Approaches Contribute to National Forms of Human Rights Abuses

These approaches to understanding human rights are greatly detrimental to human rights nationally. This is because collective responsibility can compromise on the infringement of others especially in terms of abiding by the law. For example, in the case where one is hit by an overspeeding driver, the law does not consider this cause since the offender may conspire with others who may propagate lies.

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These people take social responsibility for each other and, hence, care about only what they do in society as they consider possible impacts for the society. Such kind of cultural treatment affects the whole nation as opposed to the individualistic approach. In the case of human rights violations, the whole nation or society is affected by the actions of each other; hence, people majorly take care. This is because collectivists consider themselves as one whole inseparable from their culture or their background. Commitment to avoid shame is the drive that prevents collectivists from acting in a certain way. One's private life and or even job should not interfere in any way with human rights.

Heterogeneity, Secular and Individualistic Approaches Contribute to Person-On-Person Human Rights Abuses

From the standpoint of this approach, the actions of one individual affect another person and not a group of people. In this regard, the consideration of the word ''I'' is necessary in many cases. For example, an action performed by a husband may affect the wife and vice-versa. If the husband commits much, then the human rights that ought to be enjoyed by the wife and children would be violated since the family will lack the husband's help and paternal guidance respectively. Thus, in terms of this approach, only a specific person or a unit of the whole thing is affected. It is, consequently, true that heterogeneity, secular, and individualistic approaches affect a person-to-person relationship and not that of a group. That is, in this scenario, violation of individuals' rights does not affect many but only those involved directly in the action. In this case, people may get overwhelmed with guilt and seek the ground where they can avoid doing certain things.

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Documents, Interviews, and Specific Cases Combined Will Confirm/Disconfirm Hypotheses

From the documents and the cases that present the situation in the countries, it is evident that there are human rights violations in both of them. The violations of these rights emerge due to various cultural issues such as particularism, collectivism, individualism, universalism, and time factors. This dictates the nature and the extent to which human rights violation is spread and the harm it causes. As cultural aspects bring about differences in the way of operation, the establishment of common standards guiding the rights of people in the world is not easy.'

Buy custom Dissertation Conclusion Sample: Human Rights essay paper cheap

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