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Terrorism & Rehabilitation of Youth

What Part Does the Media Play in Terrorism? Give Examples. What Issues are Involved in Controlling Terrorism Inside and Outside Our Borders? What Do You Recommend for Terrorism Research?

Terrorists reach their objectives not through violence only but also through the use of mass media where the terrorists broadcast their propaganda. These days, the media play a significant role in terrorism since terrorists need to inform people about their attacks and activities so that their acts have the desired effect.

They want both to attack and affect people to make them psychologically impacted, and this only happens when the media spread the news about how terrorists are operating (White, 2011).

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In addition, for a terrorist attack to have an effect, there has to be fear imparted to the public, and this is also done through the media that are always eager to broadcast any news, thus giving the terrorists an avenue to demonstrate their power.

Most terrorists organizations are willing to be known; therefore, they, following the example of Al-Qaeda, are always ready to claim the responsibility for the attacks to become publically known with the aid of the media. Thus, the role that the media plays in letting the public know about terrorism activity is considerable (White, 2011).

There are several issues that make fighting terrorism a difficult task. It is complicated to identify people who fund terrorism activity and prevent them from supplying the terrorist groups with resources. This is because, in most cases, these are powerful political leaders who are more or less untouchable.

It is also difficult to stop the media from broadcasting terrorist activities because the media is tasked with informing the public about the latest news and events. Another issue is the ignorance about the incentives that spur people to join terrorist groups, which makes it hard to control the number of terrorists.

Fighting terrorism outside the borders causes issues since it is based on convincing the locals that their people are the terrorists while sent troops are not. Also, fighting terrorism outside is impeded by the foreign countries' view of the USA as an opportunistic country. They might believe that the troops are there not to help but to take advantage of their country and, thus, refuse to cooperate in fighting terrorism.

When conducting terrorism research, the focus should be on the factors that motivate people to become terrorists, the areas that are the most vulnerable to terrorist attacks, and the history of terrorist groups, what would contribute to revealing the terrorist's beliefs and motivation to commit such heinous acts.

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Do You Think Most Juveniles are Competent to Stand Trial in Criminal Court?

In most cases, juveniles are considered to be unable to stand trials since most of them lack knowledge of how severe their crimes are and what the consequences they are likely to face if found guilty of the crimes that they are accused of. Also, most of them are children who are not mature enough to make sound and reasonable fact-based decisions. For one to face proceedings in a criminal court, people must have enough information on their pleas, rights, and freedoms. However, juveniles tend to have very limited knowledge about criminal proceedings.

In addition, this knowledge is learned from mass media. Thus, young people are not well-equipped to handle a criminal court without adult control. Yet, it should be taken into account that since most juveniles do not trust adults, they may give misleading information to their lawyers, thus disadvantaging themselves in a criminal court and showing their incompetence.

Should Parents, Custodians, or Guardians of Youths Be Actively Involved in a Youth's Rehabilitation? Why or Why not?

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Parents, custodians, and other guardians should be involved in the rehabilitation of the youth. They should actively take part in the rehabilitation for various reasons.

First, it is their responsibility, as far as the Constitution is concerned, to be near and offer all kinds of support to a young person to ensure that he/she fully recovers.

Second, it is also important for them to be involved so that they can understand what the youth has gone through during the rehabilitation. Third, by actively participating, parents or guardians can establish a trustful relationship with the youth. Then, young people will think that the guardian or parents understand what they are suffering. They will feel the support of their guardians at every stage of their rehabilitation process (Hess & Drowns, 2004, p. 364).

Buy custom Terrorism & Rehabilitation Of Youth essay paper cheap

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