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Death penalty: Peer Review Sheet

1. What do you like about the paper? What do you not like?

I like the introduction as it includes important insight about the topic and gets the reader's attention. I believe that the introduction should be catchy and provide the information that can open the main idea about the topic. However, I think that the length of the introduction should be cut. At some point, it becomes boring and the reader is overwhelmed with the information.

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2. What do you find especially interesting?

This topic needs some relevant statistics that can present valuable evidence of the main arguments. I like that the research paper is equipped with good sources of statistical information and interesting facts based on it.

3. Where is the paper especially clear about what it is trying to say?

The paper is especially clear in the introduction, and it presents a few good arguments to support the thesis statement.

4. Where are you confused?

The evidence is not presented at the same depth to explain each main topic of the separate paragraphs. Therefore, not all the items in the assignment guidelines and rubric have been covered.

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5. Is there any passage that seems to get away from the main point of the paper?

The paper has no clear thesis statement, and the evidence for all the practices does not present sufficient information. They are organized chaotically which does not serve the aim of the paper. They have no equal amount of support points which are not sufficient. I believe that they should be clearly defined for each argument.

6. Where does the paper move smoothly from point to point? Where does it make an abrupt shift?

The flow of the paper is not organized smoothly. There is no clear division in the introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion. Basically, no conclusion could summarize all mentioned points.

7. Is the thesis statement clear and complete?

The absence of a clear thesis statement makes it difficult to follow the main points and recognize the evidence for each practice separately.

8. Is the order of the paragraphs effective?

The structure of the research paper has to start from the introduction to the general topic with the solid thesis at the end of the introduction as an opening clause to the main idea of the paper. Then, the main body has to consist of a clearly defined diversity of religions and listed their evidence. That is why I would advise keeping the basic structure that serves for the persuasive essay.

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9. Does the paper come to a satisfying conclusion?

I feel that the conclusion needs to be completed by recalling the main arguments.

Complete a Unit 5: Credibility Assessment Checklist

After reviewing my paper, I would like to add more content to my introduction and replace the general information with an impressive story. This story proves that the death penalty should be abolished.

Albert Woodfox has been in solitary confinement for decades, even though the case against him was based on flawed evidence and riddled with procedural errors (Louisiana must end its campaign, 2013). He has experienced forty years of cruel treatment in the prison after an unsafe conviction (Louisiana must end its campaign, 2013).

Buy custom Peer Review essay paper cheap

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