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Personal Statement

Having achieved my postgraduate degree, I consider myself a mature individual and professionally ready. Thus, my first priority is to put a halt to dependence on my parents. Since childhood, I have not spent any penny from my pocket. All the financial services have come from my parents.

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Apart from that, almost every activity that I have undertaken required help of either of my parents. However, this is the time to end such relationship. In order to be successful in life, I have to learn how to be independent. It is possible to get such experience through engagement in various activities that would generate some income and enable me offer support to my parents and siblings.

My short-term project will be to take part in acting. The good news is that there are various acting clubs within our town. Even though some are doing well, there are those which have stagnated. Thus, it implies I should take time to make an analysis of such clubs in order to make an informed choice. I will consider the club basing on its track record. For instance, I will go for the acting club which has produced the best actors in the country. To land such club, I will go through the history of each acting club. Special attention should be placed on people who have gone through the club. In essence, acting will be my first priority after my postgraduate degree.

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For this to be realized, I will have to forego spending much time with my family. Acting has never been an easy task. It requires total dedication of not only time but also energy. It means I will be required to be away from home most of the time. Once I land a reputable acting club, I will get a rental house adjacent to the acting venue. As a result, this will enable me to have access to the acting venue at any time of the day.

Being away from home means I will not have the opportunity to enjoy privileges that I enjoyed before. Laundry will be done by me. I will be forced to do all the cooking and washing of utensils. Whenever I feel unwell, I will have to take care of myself. Thus, I will be required to pay hospital as well as diet bills. While being away from home, my parents and siblings will definitely miss my presence. For instance, they will be forced to take care of our pets since I was the man taking care of them. Looking at this, one realizes that the decision made will affect both sides. Nonetheless, I have no option but to forge ahead towards the road of self-dependence.

I will not relent until I hit high notches within the acting realm. It is overt that the acting sphere has got a lot of dimes. I intent to be like the late Paul Walker who was known for Fast and Furious movies. After obtaining such status, I wish to invest in Real Estate Business. It is a long-term project since it is economically viable. Moreover, it has proved the most comfortable kind of business.

Apart from Real Estate, I intent to be a philanthropist. I would like to use the money earned from acting and Real Estate business to establish charity centers to help less fortunate people. Apart from that, my plans are to open many acting clubs to offer an opportunity to talented young people to showcase and nurture their talents. In conclusion, if I spent one extra year doing theatre work, I could gain acting skills. However, if I choose to pursue real estate business, then I will cease acting after making a fortune.

Buy custom Personal Statement on Parents essay paper cheap

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