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The book Jarhead, the film When the Levees Broke and the article The Deadly Choices at Memorial are three examples which show that human life depends a lot on the politicians of the country. Sometimes when people choose the government they become their own murders as government and politicians are interested in power and money that is why the preciousness or cheapness of the individual’s life might be blank.
The book Jarhead is a memoir of the Gulf War which was written by Anthony Swofford. The book recounts the enrollment and the service in the U.S. Marine Corps in the time of the First Gulf War. This is the Marine Chronicle of the war written by author who served as a Scout Sniper. The book is an absolutely honest account of the author’s experience in the war. The author provides a lot of information about his personal life which shows how the author got to the war.

However, the author showed the true conditions in the places he had been to, as he provided the descriptions of barracks, deserts, weaponry, dedicating the whole chapters to specific details. As a matter of fact, the author stated that as most good marines he hated the Corps, because it takes away the chance of being someone else (33). And the first and main deception shown in the book is the statement the one can consider oneself a true marine only if one kills during the combat. One can even consider oneself less of a man if one has not killed during the war (247).

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The first revealing of the political lie was the understanding that they are dedicating their life to those old white men who will either gain or lose billions of dollars when the protectors of the oil reserves might lose their lives (11). The author also showed that war is more important than personal feelings. His duties had to be fulfilled despite his feeling about the conflict. He reveals that the war had materialistic motivations, as they had to fight for oil-landed families who lived swimming in gold in the shade of palm trees (240). The conditions were hard. The knowledge about the war is different from the truth about it. And the soldiers were unable to tell the truth as even when the reporters came, the soldiers were told the topic to avoid because of censorship. The soldiers had to do what they were ordered to do as they had to rights because of signing the contract (14).

That it why they were lying that they believe in the mission and the mission is about the freedom and not the oil (16). At the end of the book, the author explains that men return from the war with understanding that the war is bad and it is the biggest danger for the wellbeing of the humanity. And there are liars and cheats who believe that war brings positive results, they gamble with the lives and minds of young population and they actually gamble with the reputation of the whole country (255). Swofford wrote in the book that when someone is jarhead, it is for the rest of one’s life. However, the author changed. He showed the lies and deceptions about the war itself and the people who fight and for whom they fight. In a contrast to other two the book concerns politics more as it shows international tragedy. However, the similarity lies in the attitude to individual’s life.
Spike Lee’s documentary named When the Levees Broke shows absolutely different reality. It is the situations when people could not chose and help themselves. The first act begins with the revealing of the Bush’s claim that no one had believed and anticipated the break in the levees. However, the meteorologists who predicated a serious hurricane insisted that the city which below the sea level must be evacuated. The film also shows that FEMA had financed the study called PAM and it showed that provided computer-simulated models of possible results of hurricane hitting New Orleans. And the study did predict that at least 127, 000 people among them those who did not have the vehicle, homeless and disabled people would stick in their own city.

And the end of the fist act, the viewers can see Bush once again who repeats that no one anticipated the break. And right after that scene people can see Terence Blanchard who said that it is high time to worry about the country whose administration such mistakes which directly affected the life of people. The second act shows that the government abandoned people doing it consciously and cruelly. People were blocked from crossing the bridge to Jefferson Parish. The police lined up with guns and made injured and abandoned turn around. There are a lot of interviews which show that the government knew about the consequences, the agencies and meteorologists warned about the tragedy, but the government and Bush himself decided not to respond. On the other hand, when the actions were done, they were even crueler.

People were sent out with one-way tickets all around the USA. They did not know were they are going and where are their relatives. The film show that very little was done to clean up the devastation, some people in 2006 were still all over the USA unable to come home and start new life. However, it is a perfect opportunity for land grabbers to rip off the land and the government knows that. The film shows that despite the fact that sometimes the nature is cruel and unpredictable, people by their choice make the life even worse. This tragedy is a real example when people become equal to murders as they put politicians in power.
The Deadly Choices at Memorial shows the depth of the consequences of Hurricane Katrina marooning Memorial Medical center. It is the source which intensifies the influence and the ideas of the previous film. The similarity is the attitude to individual’s life. However, in contrast to Jarhead, they both show one nation’s tragedy. The power was knocked out the water was running and the inside temperature was 100 degrees. The worst about the situation is the fact that well-regarded doctor and respected nurses fastened the death by injecting lethal does of drugs. They were arrested in 2006 because of the death of people. However, they state that their role was to help people fight with pain. The situation was awful. The memorial had to evacuate 180 patients. The doctors had to choose whom to send first and who had least to lose. The evacuation was done in a hurry and numbers of people were waiting.

They evacuated 187 patients; however, 130 were still left. They were dying; doctors together with nurses had to wheel bodies into the chapel. The doctors had to do their best with the limited choice of resources. It is still unclear why Bush was flying on helicopters saving people around the city who could wait and not help the rest of the patients who were stuck on lower two floors of Memorial. The conditions of work were hard and the whole personnel were working in a lot of stress. It is almost impossible to judge these people for their choices as from the very beginning one can say that they would or would not do the same for sure. But in a couple of minutes one will reconsider as the choice is hard.
The article encompasses similar problems as it was done in When the Levees Broke. Both sources together with Jarhead show that the life is very precious being very cheap at the same time. The government did nothing to help to save the rest of patients who probably required that help the most. Similar to the fact that government neglected their obligations and abandoned all citizens. The patients were cruelly left alone with tired doctors and nurses when some people were send across the whole USA being separated from relatives.

People had become murders through the choice of politicians and government and most of people suffered because of this fact. Someone suffered less, they were saved, found their family, returned from the war, someone suffered more, being imprisoned or injured. But the biggest price is death. A lot of people paid it.

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