How to Write an Informative Essay: Tips From Experts

An informative essay is, in reality, the same type of writing as expository writing.  The primary difference when it comes to the choice of name is the fact that the informative essay informs or says what the purpose of the essay is. By contrast, expository writing expounds on a subject or describes how something is done. When an informative essay is written for a general audience, it is permissible for the writer to use personal pronouns (e.g., “I” and “you”), anecdotes, and an informal tone. In the academic world, however, the tone of an informative essay should be formal and the style should be academic. The arguments and information in it should be presented objectively and it should not contain any colloquialisms, contractions, any personalization (unless a tutor or instructor has other preferences).

The information in an informative essay can be organized in any one of several different patterns

These patterns can be caused/effect, comparison, definition, problem/solution, and/or in sequential steps. The informative essay is often used in the academic world where many of these writing styles are used in classes covering technical subjects. For example, writing in sequential steps is often used in manuals explaining how something is done. Likewise, it is common for informative essays of the compare and contrast variety to be used in classes about literature to compare literary elements such as character, theme, and so on.

In the same manner, like expository writing, an informative essay has a set structure, which includes an introductory paragraph, a few paragraphs setting out the writer’s argument(s), a paragraph addressing any counter-argument(s), and a concluding paragraph. The introductory paragraph should include a thesis statement or question that is arguable. Being arguable refers to a thesis where there may be opposing views or counterclaims. The paragraphs devoted to the writer’s argument(s) set out an amount of information collected from the opinions of experts, the writer’s own analysis, interviews, field surveys, statistics, and other reliable academic material. Additionally, in each of the argument paragraphs (where each paragraph is devoted to a single argument) you should evaluate the particular argument for that paragraph and demonstrate how it relates to your central thesis.

Once you have objectively presented the arguments supporting your essay’s thesis, you then need to present one or even two counter-arguments, again in an objective manner, along with your evaluation of each one and a statement in respect of how each relates, either in a supporting or contradictory way, to your essay’s thesis.

Your concluding paragraph should reiterate the main thesis statement and recap on your supporting arguments while showing how you successfully proved your point(s). It is also permissible to include a statement about how relevant your topic and your thesis are to any current or future study or application. This closing paragraph should be around the same length as your introductory paragraph. Therefore, the language and statements need to be succinct and concise.  

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How to Write a Thesis Statement for Informative Essay?

When you need to create a thesis statement for an informative essay, you should remember that the goal of an informative paper is to avoid giving you a personal point of view, but provide information and teach your targeted audience about the selected topic. Often, informative papers are referred to as an expository essays. Such type of essays is not aimed at changing one’s opinion.

Remember that informative means interesting. Of course, you are free to share your ideas and thoughts regarding the issue under discussion but avoid a persuasive tone.

Informative essay

In some cases, you will need to conduct an analysis of the collected information and process the thoughts and ideas of other researchers. That is why when you ask: “How to write a good informative essay?” we will recommend you to follow the below rules:

  1. Save your time and energy and remember that reading the whole text is not really necessary. Choose the most interesting text part and work with it.
  2. Express the author’s thoughts and ideas in a short form, avoid any distortions.
  3. Finally, write your informative essay using proper essay structure with logical and coherent paragraphs.

Easy Steps to Writing an Informative Essay: Proper Structure

Usually, the informative essay does not have a particular structure. However, it is required to follow the basic writing principles. Usually, such types of essays should be from 3 to 5 pages in length. At least four or three sources should be used. Use a formal writing style and avoid personal pronouns or mentioning personal life experiences.

Basic rules of informative essay structure are easy to follow. You need to provide the following: an introduction with a clear thesis statement for an informative essay, main body, and logical conclusion. The topic can be your essay title. Fill in the title page by following the requirements of your educational establishment. 

  • Introduction

The introduction is the essay beginning. Here you need to present your topic and attract readers’ attention. The focus sentence should be included for the whole paper. Begin your first paragraph with the general idea and get more specific gradually. You should also provide some background for the main terminology. Mention the major points and information you are going to discuss in your paper. The introduction should end with a clear thesis statement for an informative essay. Usually, a thesis statement in such essays can be in the form of a comparison of points of view on a controversial topic or various sources of information related to a particular issue, etc. you need to research and collect the data on the chosen topic.

  • Main Body

In the main body, you need to provide materials and information, which is considered the most important for the readers. It has to bridge the gap between the lack of information related to the discussed topic. You need to use different facts, materials, and judgments of experts. Remember that all mentioned facts should be accurate. The outline can help you structure all the facts coherently and logically. An informative essay should contain a particular fact line in every paragraph. For instance, when your topic is “understanding the connection between heart disease and cholesterol,” then you need to provide in your main body full particulars connected to the real causes of heart disease, their severity, and number.

Talk about the research work, as well as the conducted experiments that can prove the real connection of heart disease with high levels of cholesterol. You need to provide some arguments against this statement as well. Real statistical data and facts should be provided in the main body.

  • Conclusion

You need to conclude by being specific to giving general information. You can restate the significance of the problem under discussion and give a summary of for and against facts related to the topic. For instance, you can begin with the following sentence: “After informing you about hypertension and high level of cholesterol, it can be concluded that the above-mentioned factors have a direct impact on heart disease.”  Be aware! Introducing any new facts, in conclusion, is forbidden in academic writing. The main goal of the conclusion is to summarize the already said in the main body.

Please note that an informative essay differs from a persuasive essay. An informative essay should be free from any biases and contain objective information. An informative essay is meant to explain some complex issues simply. You can find informative essay examples for college online and check out their structure.



Easy tips that will help you to create an excellent informative essay:

Tip 1

  • Select an interesting topic for your essay.
  • Do not provide your personal point of view in the informative essay. Instead, you need to educate and inform your audience about a particular issue.

Tip 2

  • Make a logical outline that will help you to write a coherent essay.
  • Make a list of questions related to the topic of your choice. 

Tip 3

  • Collect all the materials related to your essay from credible and up-to-date sources.  
  • Conduct online research on your topic. You can also visit a library for more sources. Choose only reliable sources of information.
  • Conduct an analysis of facts and any details found in the sources.

Tip 4


  • Present the essay topic and attract readers’ attention.
  • Provide background information on the main terms presented in the essay.
  • Make a comparison of facts and different points of view related to the topic and its controversies.
  • Begin with general information and slowly go to specific facts and data.

The inverted pyramid would look like this:

  1. General Facts and ideas
  2. Specific Thesis Statement

Tip 5

Main Body

  • Information and all the necessary materials should be provided in the body 
  • Use different facts, sources, and judgments of experts 
  • All the facts provided in the essay should be accurate

Tip 6


  • Restate the significance of the discussed issue. Give a summary of facts that support and rebut your thesis statement.
  • The conclusion cannot have new ideas, facts, and information.
  • The main goal of the conclusion is to summarize the paper.

Tip 7

The work done should be analyzed 
Try to understand whether you managed to provide all the information. Will the audience have any prejudices regarding the presented information? 

Do not forget that:
an informative essay should objectively present information; 
it should be free from bias; 
try to make your essay interesting and informative at the same time. 
To find an interesting topic for your essay, you can look at a sample informative essay online or check out the below possible topics for an informative essay:

  1. How to Purchase Property? 
  2. The Significance of Active LifeStyle 
  3. Regular Exercises and Their Impact on Health 
  4. Global Warming and Its Causes 
  5. Hybrid Cars and Money Savings 
  6. Contractors and Their Qualification 
  7. Heart Disease and What Causes It? 
  8. Global Poverty and Its Definition 
  9. Globalization and Its Effect on Daily Life

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