The job search for students is not an easy task: many young people want to earn money, and at the same time, they need to study. Here are a few tips on how to find a good side job for students.

The most suitable time for finding high-paying part-time jobs is spring because at this time the period of vacation starts. Students and beginners have significantly higher chances of finding work offers.

The most popular way to find work is using the recommendations of friends. If nobody in your inner circle can help you - do not hesitate to contact your neighbors, classmates, and other people. If relatives and friends cannot help you, you can use different sites for finding job options for college students.

Today, learners can find work with any schedule and form of employment. There are a lot of variants for workaholics, and for those people, who prefer not to spend too much time at work.

Part-time employment is suitable for students who are not ready to sacrifice lectures even for the sake of salary. Part-time employment allows the worker to perform a certain amount of job, but his presence in the workplace is only a few hours a day.

Temporary work is an occupation for a certain period (from one day to several years). Such variant of employment is suitable during the holidays or at the time of practice

Remote work is the job outside the office. It is often combined with part-time work.

Popular Jobs for Students

Many employers do not require special knowledge from the student. However, knowing a foreign language, a close acquaintance with the computer, driver's license, and other initial professional knowledge give a greater choice of vacancies. Here is a list of the most popular vacancies offered to students.

  1. The secretary is the manager's assistant. You will have such responsibilities as receiving the visitors and phone calls or maintaining the office work.
  2. The housekeeper often works in the evening, after the end of the working day of other employees in the office. Your responsibility is to clean the cabinets or hotel rooms.
  3. Waiter or bartender is a popular profession for young people. You may have the opportunity to work in the evening and at night and such responsibilities as service of visitors to cafes and restaurants, maintenance of cleanliness.
  4. Courier. This work involves the delivery of something from point A to point B, and the range of tasks is very wide. This work is quite responsible, as the courier is responsible for the safety of the parcel. You can be paid for such work in different ways: if the job is hourly, money is paid for the number of trips, if stationary - the agreed amount is given entirely. How to get a job as a courier? The easiest way to do this is by contacting a recruitment agency.
  5. The babysitter is not just a job but also a great opportunity to prepare for future family life. As practice shows, employers are more likely to take on girls for such work. This option has some advantages, as a fairly high salary, and work can be found near the house. However, at the same time, there is one disadvantage - full responsibility for the child.
  6. Shelf stacker. The main duty of the shelf stacker is to arrange and maintain the goods in the shops on the shelves. It is not difficult to find such a job, it is enough to walk through large shopping centers or contact a recruitment agency.
  7. Promoter. The essence of the promoter's work is various advertisings, tastings, distribution of samples, flyers, free newspapers, etc. You can get this job by contacting a recruitment agency or independently, looking through announcements about job openings on the Internet.
  8. Shop assistant. Large trading networks and companies can easily employ even students. In such workplaces, you will get the opportunity not only to earn money but also to learn how to communicate with customers correctly.
  9. Tutor. If a student is perfectly well in college, he or she can convert knowledge into money - working as a tutor. This work is convenient because you may have the opportunity to create the schedule yourself and to deal not only with one learner but also with two, three, or even more, pupils.