Types of Post-Secondary Students

Talking about your social circle, you probably have some friends studying at the university or college. They may be not just your acquaintances but truly close friends, while others may not seem to be that intimate and familiar for you.
One way or another, here is a guide of various types of students you are going to meet within the walls of a post-secondary educational establishment. There is a chance you may even find a characteristic of yourself.

• The Eater

That is a usual thing for everybody to have lunch and have a bite. Some even contrive to chew a snack during classes. A cup of coffee and Doritos is already a classical combination for our generation. However, it is all different in the case of the Eater. The Eater upgrades it and propels it to new heights. He or she often will turn up with a pack of Cheetos, pizza, or noisily tramping lo mein. This amusing person never feels awkward scramming dishes from the Taco Bell menu in the course of a class. You may be irritated with the constant munching sound, but there is an advantage, the Eater may share something delicious with you.

• The Fashion Model

Well, it is often about the freshers. Whenever you meet this person, she is always dressed to kill and is wearing marvelous makeup. This means that her full look is impeccable in terms of perfectly matched clothes, ideally suitable high-heeled pumps, and perfectly styled hair. Nevertheless, very often the Fashion Model may transform into a more unpretentious personage in the second semester when the load of work is incredible.

• The Legacy

These are the people whose security is guaranteed by the name of their high-ranking relatives. The Legacy students behave scornfully towards other people they face in different situations. If they encounter any problem, the thing they do to confront it is to call out their mysterious but so authoritative family members. It can be noticed that such people are quite arrogant and self-conceited. They always prefer to travel with their class or groupmates, but in the event of any troubles, they will get away scot-free. The name they evoke in support helps them to go through all the challenges successfully.

• The Social Justice Superhero

The Social Justice Superhero may be a very pleasant person or vice versa an appalling personality. The fact is that it is really difficult to identify his or her true character traits because they always want to maintain a nice reputation doing good in their own understanding. Their methods may be strange sometimes and you’ll never understand the benefit from their actions. These people find it necessary to spread bulletins and flyers, send emails to perceive everybody follows something that seems to be ethical from their point of view. What is positive about the Social Justice Superheroes is that they are knowledgeable, well-versed, and socially aware.

• College Swag Guy/Girl

Do such elements of the wardrobe as a sporty sweatshirt or jersey evoke any associations? They are the typical features of those boys who eagerly wait for a game day. Their closets are packed with sporty armoire, but they could hardly find anything to put on for any other occasion. You may convey the sense that they are irritating and tiresome or, on the contrary, that college Swag Guys and Girls are really enthusiastic, full of energy, and pleasant.

• The Professional Student

That is almost impossible to point out this student till the moment you have a face-to-face conversation. You’ll be surprised that they are almost experts in art because it was their infatuation already in school. Unfortunately, there are no chances to show it up during classes, as the professors do not render support for personal expression. What is more, this type of student is usually good at computing and all those techno things. It is adorable how creative and diligent they are. Once one sphere of science doesn’t seem to be challenging and attractive enough, they can easily switch to something different and be a high-flyer in everything.

• The Guru

The Guru doesn’t imply the meaning of a bookworm. This personage is always in hurry and comes last to the audience room, but it is already great luck if he or she at least visits a class. The most fascinating thing is that the Guru is present at every session dealing with any type of assignment or project. Well, the exams are even more urgent events to show up. The Guru is a whizz at completing different written works, such as essays. It is almost impossible to get to know if they are the right acquaintances.

• Last-Minute Question Girl/Boy

The time goes so slowly when they are listening to their professor who is informing them about the scientific achievements of the past decade. When the class is about to end, they are mentally driving home in a car, having some crunchy snack, and relaxing in a cozy bed. It is all about Last-Minute Question students. Every classmate’s request to return to the previous slide seems to be killing. Once the bell rings, they’ll be first out of the class.

• The Arguer

That is so disappointing when some students argue with the professors even not being actually aware of the topic they are talking about. Moreover, they ask irrelevant and ridiculous questions interrupting lecturers. These people tend to set a discussion, which, in fact, is not related to the topic of a class and from which the others will not benefit.

Being a freshman is not an easy task, you‘ll meet many people with different characters and attitudes towards the surrounding. That is why it may be your advantage to figure out the behavior models of your classmates.