Learn How to Write Dissertation Conclusion Chapter

Dissertation writing plays a significant role in a student’s academic life. It proves that you worked hard and were dedicated to studying. That is why all parts of the dissertation should be written professionally. Writing a dissertation conclusion should not be underestimated as well.

There is a common dissertation structure that includes the following chapters: Introduction, Literature Review chapter, Methodology chapter, Analysis, Results, and of course Conclusion. Writing all those dissertation chapters takes a lot of student’s time. However, writing a dissertation conclusion is an even more complex task.

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Conclusion for a Dissertation Paper

When you have written your dissertation, it may seem to you that you have no words to say in conclusion. That is why it is difficult to summarize the work done and students decide to write only one short concluding paragraph.

It is a well-known fact that writing the first and the last part of a dissertation is the hardest task. However, you need to invest your time and energy in those parts. Usually, readers memorize the last part of the paper and it is a conclusion. In most cases, it is quite difficult to perceive all the information provided in a dissertation. That is why a meaningful and logical conclusion should convey the study to the reader in a proper manner. Writing a dissertation conclusion should be taken into the most serious consideration.

You may ask, “how to write a dissertation conclusion?” Well, first of all, you should remember that the main task of the conclusion is to show the perfect image of your paper topic. Moreover, you should state whether you managed to achieve the purpose of your dissertation. You need to summarize each chapter described in your dissertation.

Learn How to Make a dissertation Conclusion

Oftentimes, it seems impossible to find the right words and create a good conclusion. Besides, most students are so excited about the fact that they have completed their theses that they start writing something absurd in their dissertation conclusions. As a result, they receive lower grades than expected.

To avoid such a mistake, make sure that your conclusion concludes your dissertation. Do not lose track and avoid introducing new information in conclusion. The content of your conclusion should be relevant to the dissertation research questions.

dissertation conclusion differs from conclusions written for simple academic papers. When you check out the conclusion in the dissertation example, you will see that it plays a major role because it is longer than in a simple research paper and it is meant to hold the attention of the targeted audience. There are numerous approaches to writing a conclusion in a dissertation. Remember that the ending should be perfect.

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Below you will be able to learn some useful elements, techniques, and approaches that will help you write an effective conclusion.

  • Major Findings Should Be Discussed

New information is provided in each dissertation chapter. Every chapter ends with a concluding paragraph. That is why when writing the conclusion your task is to structure everything so that all the information would relate to the dissertation. Also, you need to state how your work can contribute to the selected field of study. Discuss the literature studied, and write how the findings contradict and justify the research. Write about the significance of the new findings and their relevance to the discussed issue.

  • Give Recommendations For Further Research

Remember that if you fail to discuss any future possibilities, your dissertation paper has no worth. Readers will be attracted to your dissertation if you mention that future research is recommended to learn the issue in more detail. Your conclusion can earn extra points when you suggest any possibilities that can evolve from your work. 

Raise innovative queries and ask new questions that future research can answer. Give recommendations on how to extend your work in the nearest future.

  • Give A Summary

You should remember that conclusion is the last chance to prove to the audience that your study has strong points and meaningful research. Not every reader goes through every chapter of your dissertation. Consequently, there is a high chance that he/she has omitted important information. That is why it is recommended to write all the main points in the conclusion.   There is no need to copy and paste the exact words written in the main body. Just write key information in the conclusion. Give a summary of all dissertation chapters.

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  • Personal Point Of View

Remember that you are the person who came up with something absolutely new in your dissertation. New chapters have been open in the selected subject. You are the creator of your dissertation. That is why your personal point of view matters. Readers want to know it.

Use his section accordingly. Express your thoughts and ideas about the topic in this chapter. Provide a discussion of theories and write your examples. Describe your personal observations and write about the dissertation scope.

You should also remember that it is not an exam in a high school. There is no need to write many words just to make your conclusion look long. Be precise and write to the point. Avoid the authoritative tone of writing.

  • Accept The Limits

It is impossible to create a perfect dissertation because nobody is perfect. There is always something that needs to be improved. You have indeed put all your energy into writing your dissertation. You have achieved good results and done exceptional work. The dissertation you have completed is the result of hard work. It has a detailed study of a particular aspect in the selected field of study. 

However, it is crucial to understand that the work has its limitations. Accepting this fact will help you realize that further research is needed and you can mention it in your conclusion. Remember that you have put all your energy into the dissertation. That is why try not to be so negative about it.

  • Give Answers

Readers pay a lot of time to your work. That is why you need to end your dissertation without creating any questions in your mind. In conclusion, you need to give balanced and logical answers to the posed research questions.

Find the correct answer to the research question and then start writing a conclusion. It will help to show the readers your intellect. Focus on the meaning of the word “balance.” The answer should be justified and balanced.

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  • Avoid Introducing New Information

Introducing new facts, in conclusion, is the biggest mistake! The main objective of the conclusion is to summarize the already mentioned. There is no room for new ideas and concepts in the conclusion. The reader will be distracted from the main dissertation objective and will find your conclusion chaotic.

  • Check Grammar

Grammatical mistakes can destroy your work. Do not let it happen. Excellent grammar can change everything. Pay attention to tenses when you write a conclusion. Past Simple and Present Perfect is the most common tense used in the conclusion.

  • Avoid Repetitions

Everything has a reason and the dissertation structure has certain chapters serving a specific purpose. That is why you should divide your work into sections and avoid repetitions. Remember that conclusion cannot be boring. Restate the research questions and give answers clearly and logically.   

  • Use Creative Writing

Even though all dissertation chapters can be dull, the conclusion can save the situation. Show the audience that you have excellent creative writing skills. 

  • Cliches And How To Avoid Them

Avoid clichés like “To cum up…,” “To conclude…” etc. It seems to be too straightforward and not quite natural. There is no need to put a tag on your conclusion. Start is with the following words: “To review…” or “It is clear.” It will help your dissertation conclusion sound professional.

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  • End With Logic

Create a logical point of view and try not to take any side. Support your point with the collected evidence. 

  • Avoid Apologies

Never use the following sentences: “It may be wrong…,” “It is just a recommendation…,” etc. such sentences will only reduce the worth of your study.

  • Things to Remember

Do not forget about basic rules when writing a dissertation conclusion.

  • Attract Readers Attention

Your main goal is to attract the reader’s attention to your dissertation.

Add some interesting facts at the end of every paragraph.

Make sure the chapters are coherent.

  • Too Many Rules for One Conclusion

It is true! However, the conclusion plays a crucial role in every paper. Make sure your conclusion is neither too long nor too short.

  • Conclusion in a dissertation

There are different theses with different topics and styles of writing. However, a conclusion is important for every dissertation in the same way.

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