Each of us has own digital life. Some people have just a few messages, but others have thousands of emails, spams, advertisements, etc. Some people suffer from chaos in their profiles, but others do not care about it. First of all, you should answer the question, "Do I have the necessity to declutter my digital life?" If you seek for the ways of how to organize your digital files, social accounts, mail, etc. - continue to read this article.

As each of us has own type, speed, a model of digital life, it might be difficult to find universal methods, approaches or schemes of how to declutter your digital life efficiently. Sometimes it is just hard to find the way that will fit your case. However, do not be upset! This article aims to show you top 10 ways of how to declutter your digital life. It is a ten-step system of how to declutter your digital life and it will take not more than 10 minutes per day. During the first month, you will realize how to organize your digital files without any difficulties and problems.

Why is it important?

Digital life is similar to our physical one. If you have a mess in your digital life, usually, you will have the same in your real life. Therefore, it is the first argument why decluttering digital life may become the first step to change your real life. Secondly, following your digital life rules may help you to become more efficient in your physical life. If you are a busy person with the necessity to cope with many tasks at the same time, you should keep in touch with various people via social networks, mail, etc.  It will be easier to do if you know the ways of how to declutter your digital life!

1. Mailbox

Organize your inbox letters. Try to define what kinds of messages you can get rid of, archive, or put in new thematic folders. Your task is not to get rid of all letters but to delete some of them and unsubscribe from unnecessary mailings. Do not waste more than ten minutes every day. It is not necessary to sit all day organizing your mailbox. Try to do ten-minute decluttering of digital life every day. It is much better and more effective than sitting down for hours. Thus, the model of every day ten-minute mailbox organizing is one of the first ways to declutter your digital life.

2. Online stores

We love to subscribe to our favorite store pages on different social networks. Of course, it is the best way to find out about the latest released products. However, it is the worst way of organizing your digital life. First of all, online stores send their offers too much frequently. Thus, you will need to spend a lot of time just to glance at all these advertisements. Secondly, each online store is the reason why we spend much more money than we planned to spend before. They provoke us to buy something, even if we do not need this thing.

"Avoid subscribing to online stores" - the second advice on how to declutter your digital life.

3. Desktop

The most widespread desktop problem is “How to organize your digital files?” Usually, we download all files to our desktop and do not care about them after. If your desktop is already overfilled, follow these three steps. Firstly, move all your desktop files to one folder. Secondly, get rid of unnecessary files. Thirdly, create a few new folders inside and sort your files among these folders. Therefore, you will get one general central folder with well-sorted smaller folders with necessary data. Now, it will take less time to find the needful file.

"Clean your desktop, create one central folder, and sort all your files" - the third thing you should know when you seek for decluttering digital life.

4. Downloading

There are various places where you can download your files. The most popular are Documents, Downloads, and Desktop. There are two possible variants of how to organize your digital files. Firstly, you can sort all your files before you download them. Set your browser to ask about folder each time when you download something. Secondly, choose one permanent folder for all downloads. Thus, your computer, laptop, and smartphone will never be cluttered with files, and you will always know where to find your files.

"Choose the concrete folder for all downloads" - the fourth tip on how to declutter your digital life.


Having a lot of bookmarks in your browser is a widespread practice. We save all these links with the hope and aim to come back and read or download something later. However, it is the easiest way to clutter your device. The statistics shows that we do not come back to our bookmarks, so forget about them, they are useless or unnecessary anymore. Thus, do not be afraid to delete some of them in your browser. Google will always give you a chance to find it one more time and save it. Why is it important? Firstly, after deleting all needless bookmarks, only relevant and useful will stay. Secondly, it will increase the chance to find precisely what you are looking for avoiding hundreds of others bookmarks. Thirdly, it will save you time!

"Be ready to sort and review your bookmarks" - the fifth advice on how to organize your digital files.

6. Regular bookmarks

After sorting and deleting needless bookmarks, you can choose a few you use the most frequently and move them into one folder. It is handy when you deal with many different sites. Following this rule may do decluttering of your digital life unnecessary in the future.

"Defining and creating one folder of the most frequently used bookmarks" - is the sixth tip on how to declutter digital life.

7. Apps

Clear your device of unnecessary programs. Sorting your software is essential for decluttering digital life as well as the knowledge on how to organize your digital files. Delete programs you do not use more than six months. Repeat such procedure twice a year to be sure you do use all possible ways to declutter your digital life.

"Revising your software twice a year" - is another excellent recommendation on how to declutter your digital life.

8. Declutter digital life: smartphone

We use our smartphone 24 hours a day. Some people argue that it is the core of our digital life. However, it often becomes our heavy daily load. We feel the lack of time to organize our device and suffer from various programs, unnecessary files, bookmarks, etc. Find time to check all these things. Delete useless things, and organize useful ones. The best way to declutter your digital life is to self-organize, starting with your daily used devices, for instance, a smartphone.

9. Smartphone menu

After deleting and decluttering your digital life from unnecessary apps and programs, it is a high time to reorganize your smartphone menu. Try to divide your menu into different subjects, for instance, job, home, rest, etc. Put the most frequently used programs on the main screen and less used into folders. Thus, your smartphone now is a multitasking and useful device.

"Customize your smartphone menu" - is the ninth tip on how to declutter your digital life.

10. Check your folders

Our smartphones are so smart that sending materials via Viber or Facebook, they make additional copies of our photos, videos, etc. Thus, we can have two or more folders with the same files. Try to find and delete them. You may upload some copies to your online cloud account to be sure you will not lose some priceless information.

"Regular revising of your smartphone folders" - is the tenth tip on how to organize your digital files.

To sum up, there are different ways of how to declutter your digital life. We have presented the most useful of them in this article. Of course, you may follow all these tips, and they will help you. Besides, it is necessary to remember that digital life is a mirror of your real life. Therefore, decluttering digital life is a crucial thing each of us should know and apply.

"Digital life is your real life mirror" - the last but not the least universal tip you should realize.

Do not be afraid to revise, delete, and organize your digital life. Follow these tips and make your life better! Good luck!