Excellent Formatting Tips to Make Your Writing Stand Out

A number of writers think that their piece of writing will be easily read, perceived, liked and of course shared with other people because it is written well. Writers believe that the content and its essence as well as the message matter the most. However, it is not always the right approach to good writing. Numerous documents, regardless of their well-written content, remain unread just because they are not formatted in a proper way.   

We recommend you to use the formatting tips to make your writing stand out as well as make it easier for readers’ perception.  

Use Sub-Headings

Sub-headings help to guide the readers through the essential points of your writing. They are considered markers that highlight the main details. In addition, they help to break up long information blocks that may seem to be challenging to go through. When readers skim through the document, sub-headings make it easier to digest the information. If you write correct sub-headings, they can even recap the main question of your document.   

In order to make sub-headings more visible, use the bold text or use slightly larger font size than the text of the body provided below. Use more space above each sub-heading than below them. It will help to understand that it is provided for the below paragraph. 

Verify the Length of Margins and Paragraphs

Make sure each paragraph is of the same length (at least visually). In addition, provide the same number of details and examples in each paragraph. It will not look right if you write one paragraph using half of the whole page and the next one will contain few sentences only without any details and examples.

Check whether you have used the same margin length on all pages of your document. Please note wider margins help to better perceive the content. They make the line length shorter, thus the document becomes easier for readers to scan. 

Make Sure to Insert Graphs, Lists and Tables in the Right Place

Insert only one table or list per one page. It is possible to insert two short bulleted lists per one page. In case you provided too many bulleted lists or tables on a single page, their impact as well as visual perception will be diminished. To make them stand out, try to separate the lists and tables from the body text so that they were visible. 

In case you need to use graphs in your document, include legends nest to make them easier for comprehension. Locate the graphs nest to the related body text, which provides data explanation. Unless you do this, the readers will be confused. It is also recommended to use distinctive colors when creating the graph. They help to make graphs appealing visually.

Insert Quote and Text Boxes

It is recommended to insert text boxes for the following two reasons: 

  • To pay attention to the data you need to highlight, like statistics or an important quote.
  • To provide information that does not suit to the body text flow but it is still relevant to it.

It is most likely that such text boxes will be read first. That is why it is better to make them coherent. However, it is not a good idea to cram the text inside the boxes. Leave enough space around the text boxes to help them stand out.

Use Bold Text Together With Complementary Fonts and Colors

Remember that bold text will always catch reader’s attention. However, you need to use it selectively. In case you bold every other word combination, none of it will stand out. That is why try to use bolded sub-headings only.

When you have used the pages of other color than white, make sure you are using the text color, which is easy for the reader. It means that the text color should complement the page color. For instance, if the page color is dark, then the color of the very text should be light. In addition, make sure that the page and text colors in the graphs match too. 

Avoid using more than two font styles when writing your document. Make sure that the font styles match each other use similar proportions. For example, in order to verify this, examine the ascenders and descenders proportion (e.g., compare the length of tails in letters “p” and “d”) in relation to all the rest letters. 


Try to contemplate about it. When a headline captures your attention, you will definitely continue reading the text. However, if you see long and boring text paragraphs connected together, it is most likely that you will not have any desire to read the content till the end. Saving it and promising yourself to read it later will not probably work for you. Most probably, you will simply forget about it and find more interesting content to read.

In case you do not want the potential readers to ignore your document prior to reading it, you need to use formatting tips to make your writing stand out. Correct formatting is the main secret of writing success. It helps readers to read, comprehend and share your document with others.