Relevant Topic Ideas for an Economics Dissertation

This article is aimed at anyone looking for great topic ideas for an economics dissertation. Here, the expert writers at offer you numerous choices upon which to base your writing.
Over a period of time, economists had started looking at other sides of the real or actual problems given to them. While their viewpoints of the various approaches may have differed, the result has been a thorough understanding of the world of economics. And these experts have founded their work on analytical examinations of unconventional variables.
The field of economics is one that firstly requires a large amount of data and facts to be collected. This information then needs to be compiled in an orderly manner, carefully analyzed, interpreted, and arranged into a well-organized and highly structured paper. This is the format that economics students are expected to adhere to. When writing about an economics subject, it is necessary to document a whole lot of detailed information from the research work one does or to study the subject with a view to obtaining fruitful results. Consequently, writing a dissertation on economics is a challenging task for any student, not least because they have to choose a suitable topic from a whole range of possibilities.
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Free Topic Ideas Provided by Our Professional Dissertation Writers

Economics Topics Related to Employment

  • In what way is the demand for skilled and unskilled labor similar and different in the UK?
  • Analyze the manner in which jobs are created and destroyed in the United Kingdom.
  • How has immigration impacted productivity and the employment market in the United Kingdom?

Economics Topics of a Financial Nature

  • How appropriate is the practice of leaving tips in independently-owned UK hotels? Choose three UK hotels as a case study.
  • Can grass roots teaching in local schools help create sustainable tourist industries in countries that are still developing?
  • Explore the concept of green tourism.
  • What factors motivate UK investors?

Geography-Related Economics Topics

Here are some geography-related economics topics worth considering:

  • How important a consideration is geographical location for businesses? Analyze the location of the top fifty IT businesses in the United Kingdom.
  • What are the main factors that cause region-to-region divergence? Analyze the poorest and most affluent regions in the United Kingdom.
  • Explain how entrepreneurial or business behavior differs between urban and rural areas.
  • What role does local or regional culture play in the way entrepreneurs act or approach business? 

Institutional-Related Economics Topics

The following are some topic ideas on institutional economics:

  • Is there a relationship between work experience and entrepreneurial ambitions?
  • How effective is the UK property market from an institutional viewpoint?
  • Compare latent entrepreneurship in the UK with that of Europe.
  • Explore the impact that the UK’s cultural mix has on the country’s businesses.

Macroeconomics Topics

  • Analyze the impact of inflation on the profitability of UK businesses.
  • List the causes and the effects of the evolution of monetary exchange rates in the United Kingdom.
  • What factors influence salary inequalities in different regions in the United Kingdom?

Microeconomics Topics

  • How do regional policies impact small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in the United Kingdom?
  • Explain what mergers are and how they impact productivity in British businesses.
  • Explain how consumption and the way consumers behave has evolved in the United Kingdom over the past decade.

Economics Topics Concerning Regional or Local Development

  • Analyze regional entrepreneurship in the United Kingdom
  • What impact has technological growth had on business development in the different parts of the UK?
  • Is there a relationship between regional growth and development and a region’s infrastructure?

Sociology-Based Economics Topics

  • Explain how private networks can benefit new or start-up businesses.
  • Explore the idea that social networks have brought about an increase in innovation.