In times of the constantly increasing sums of money, we have to pay for education, every spent dollar is on the count. However, living a frugal student’s life and controlling your budget doesn’t necessarily mean the absence of entertainment in your life. On the contrary, it’s obligatory to relax for better performance in your studies. The question is how to find some low-price activities and have fun with your peers without a spending spree.

The Ideas of Cheap Activities to Do around Your Campus below

Gym and Sporting Events

As a rule, all college gyms and sporting events are free of charge. Take the advantage of either doing physical activities or watching games, which under normal circumstances would cost money, but your status as a student gives you discount privileges you aren’t allowed to miss. Moreover, campus sports events are usually more about hanging out rather than showing an interest in a particular kind of sport. So, even if you, for example, aren’t a big fan of playing football teams, enjoy the fun of spending time with your friends. 


Like on the premises of any American college campus, there have to be some good Performing Arts Programs, which aim is to prepare and arrange concerts, plays, and musicals dedicated to specific events or on the regular basis. While undergoing to a concert we imagine some informal get-together, where you can enjoy the performance of one of your favorite bands or discover some new performers you haven’t heard before, visiting a college play or musical is considered to be more a formal event, for which you can even dress up. Both pastimes, though, are great ways to spend a pleasant time on a budget.

Movie nights

Have you heard about movie theaters situated next to your campus and offering students cheap movie tickets or maybe you’ve been a part of a movie night club or a movie marathon? Anyway, watching and discussing movies has always been a reason for a good conversation and spending a cozy evening in a circle of close friends.

Party Time

Though going clubbing is a preferred kind of pastime for many students, it is not always an affordable one. In case you can’t afford to go to a party, let a party come to you! Throw a small (as you are still a frugal student) party, where all the guests will bring their own bottles and snacks (as tastes are different) and your responsibilities will include housing, good music, and a pleasant atmosphere. This idea sounds much better than wasting 10 bucks on each unreasonably priced drink without counting money for the road and other unpredictable expenses.  

The list of ideas of cheap activities for college students doesn’t end with these four pastimes. Go camping, stargazing, visit public places that provide discounts for students. Use your creativity and take into account your preferences while deciding on which entertainment to choose. Well-spent time isn’t defined or measured by the amount of spent money, but by the people with whom you spend this time.