As George R.R. Martin said in one of his interviews, the world around us is grey and plastic. This reality is full of lugubrious faces and dreams that are either turning into nightmares or never coming true. If you want to bring the colors back to your life and escape from bitter reality just even for a fleeting moment, explore the compelling tales of mystery.

Perplexed by the number of best fantasy books you can find on the immense expands of the Internet? The list of books to read 2018 involves not only best-selling fantasy books but also real page-turners, which will undoubtedly capture your attention.

  1. The epoch of fantasy began with J. R.R. Tolkien’s “Lord of the Rings” and will continue for centuries. Without a doubt, you have watched the movies based on the novels but what about the novels themselves? The enigmatic tale of ring-shaped the modern take on fantasy as a genre. By the way, do you know that Tolkien created the race of elves for this trilogy? Delve into reading straightaway and you will never regret!
  2. The incomplete story written by Patrick Rothfuss “The Kingkiller Chronicle” is a perfect choice for bedtime reading. The available books, “The Name of the Wind” and “The Wise’s Man Fear,” will occupy your mind for weeks and you will impatiently wait for the follow-up book.
  3. Devised by American novelist G. R.R. Martin, the series of epic novels “A Song of Ice and Fire” chronicles the power struggle, which continues for decades. The macabre and chilling story tells the readers about the strong connection between the dragons and magic, the downfalls of characters, and death. Nonetheless, it is replete with dreams and each true fan has the hope for the happy end deep inside their heart.
  4. No one will dare to say that “The Wheel of Times” by Robert Jordan is one of easy to read fantasy books. Due to its length of 14 volumes, the story is quite far-fetched yet you will unequivocally enjoy every minute spent on reading it.
  5. Brandon Sanderson is famous for not only finishing “The Wheel of Times” (he wrote the last three novels since Robert Jordan died in 2007) but also for writing “The Stormlight Archive.” Despite the fact that only three books have been released yet, the author promises to write the series of at least 10 books. Furthermore, the very first book “The Way of Kings” was a breathtaking achievement as far as it won three awards right after being published.
  6. “The Malazan Book of the Fallen” by Steven Erikson has a considerable advantage over many other fantasy book series on this list. It is already finished, so you are not about to wait for the follow-up. Moreover, it is a fantasy story that will not leave you disappointed.
  7. The author of “The Mistborn Trilogy” has been already mentioned in our list and this is Brandon Sanderson. Barely this fact means that this series is worth your attention.
  8. “The Farseer Trilogy” is a proof that woman can also write qualitative fantasy stories. Robin Hobb successfully combined adventures, romance, magic, and sympathetic characters in one tale. This moving series conveys the full range of emotions so we strongly encourage you to get acquainted with assassin Fitz and his struggles.
  9. Raymond Feist started his “The Riftwar” in the early 80s, so if you are in favor of old-school fantasy full of magic, do not hesitate to start reading. Who knows, maybe you will become a fan of this writer and read his other series.

10. Last but not least, as it always is, our list finishes with “Harry Potter” by J. K. Rowling. If you think that you are too old for these childish books, let us tell you: it is never late and you will never be too old. If you grew up with Harry, Ron, and Hermione, read this book to your child. The amazing story will intrigue you both!

How many books from this list you have already checked out? Which one will top your own list?