How to Write Persuasive Artistic Thesis?

Artistic thesis writing is integral for any learning in creative or literary classes. Students in visual arts are also expected to produce a solid artistic thesis to meet their graduation requirements. Such a thesis can take a multitude of forms, from making a movie, staging a dance performance, or organizing an exhibition.

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Sometimes students will play the role of screenwriters or novelists. Sometimes they will act in a movie or create a music video. It is the ultimate point in visual arts studies, and it can define the whole future career of a graduate student.

An artistic thesis incorporates two major components –a project itself and an essay. To be more specific, there should be three different essays accompanying the artistic thesis. The essays and the work itself should be united by the same goal and form. Creativity is everything. You must stand out and be unique in your approach to video, choreography, or any other competency.

Among three essays, you will have to submit:

  • A research paper related to your specialty;
  • An essay specifying the process of developing your thesis;
  • And a technical paper.

If you are submitting a literary thesis, you will not need to write a technical paper.

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Recommendations for Writing a Superior Artistic Thesis

Take notes and keep records of everything that takes place as you are preparing your project. You will need to incorporate details into your technical essay.

If you study literature, you will need to produce some original piece of writing as part of your thesis work. A group of people will read and critique your work in the process of evaluating your thesis. At the same time, if you decide to stage some choreographic performance, your graduate committee and your advisor will need to watch it for evaluation. Your task is to arrange the performance so that all members of the graduate committee can see it. Inform your graduate committee, your supervisor, and your advisor of the date and time the performance will take place.

Make sure that such notifications are provided at least 1-1.5 months in advance. Videotape the performance if any of the graduate committee members cannot visit it personally. The first draft of your technical essay should be submitted to your supervisor no later than within the first two months following the performance.

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Artistic Thesis Essay

Background Research

As mentioned earlier, the first essay is a standard academic research paper written in a formal tone. However, it is different from most academic essays you have written during your studies. It will have to belong – between 25 and 45 pages. The focal point is a thorough analysis of your work or any of its aspects in ways that facilitate future research and practice.

For example, you may want to explore the use of novels in contemporary literature and their future. You may want to look deeper into the history of novel writing and its implications for the current understanding of social reality in the modern world. You can even perform some in-depth analysis of another contemporary novel written by any of your colleagues.

Artistic Goals and Aims

In this essay, you will need to specify, describe, and justify the goals and objectives of your thesis project. For example, what is the main thought or concern you tried to convey in your novel or choreographic performance? What approach or genre did you use? Why did you decide to choose this particular genre? How does it fit in the overall picture of your artistic story? What are the rhetoric and aesthetics behind your performance?

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Try to see any influences that other works and artists had on your performance. How did they influence you and your perceptions of the artistic thesis? Now that you have outlined your goals and principles, you can organize them into a cohesive essay and explain to what extent your performance or artistic thesis meets them. Do not forget to cite your performance to prove your point. Your artistic goals paper must be at least 10 pages long.

Technical Essay

In this essay, you will describe the stages and steps involved in organizing and implementing your project. For example, you may need to describe the number of actual rehearsals you have had or the number of decorations you have used to create a realistic environment. Your technical essay must be at least 10 pages long.

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If you are submitting a literary thesis, you do not have to write a technical essay.

Some academic institutions may ask students in visual arts to submit a thesis portfolio. It will include all materials relevant to your artistic thesis as evidence of your hard work and helpful hints for the audience who want to understand the meaning of your project. 

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