A Basic Explanation on Expository Essay 

If you received a task to write an expository essay and now panic since you have no idea what expository writing is, do not worry. You have found an excellent article that will answer all of your questions. Read on, and you will learn not only what an expository essay is but also the ways to write it well without too much effort.

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What Is Expository Writing?

An expository essay or another piece of writing is a type of text that is aimed at defining, explaining, describing, and informing about a given subject. Such discourse is frequently used in oral communication, especially speeches and lectures. Expository writing is extremely common. Therefore, you are likely to be familiar with it even though the term might be new for you. The bright examples of expository writing are manuals, articles in newspapers, textbooks, instructions with explanations on how to do something, etc. Even the guidelines to write an essay, which were given to you by your professor, belong to the category of expository writing.

What Should I Write in an Expository Essay?

The task to write an expository essay implies presenting facts about a topic. You should neither provide personal comments regarding the information nor express your own opinion. These pieces of writing are about raw data. Such a requirement makes writing expository essays extremely easy. There is no necessity to demonstrate exceptional critical thinking skills and offer unique ideas about a problem. All a student must do is collect some relevant information and present it logically and coherently.

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What Are the Features of an Expository Essay?

Although easy, expository writing has certain peculiarities that every student should know about. First, expository essays are written to the audience that is not familiar with the topic under consideration. It means that you should not ignore basic but crucial information about the subject matter but expound on it as if a reader hears about it for the first time in his/her life. Second, the third person should be used for writing an expository essay unless the assignment is to create instructions. In such cases, second-person pronouns may be used. Third, every claim you make should be supported with evidence. For this purpose, you may use descriptive details, quotes, anecdotes, definitions, statistics, comparisons, graphs, tables, and charts.

There are other important features to be aware of. Since expository essays are fact-based, the writing should be focused. You must avoid meaningless fillers, wordiness, unnecessary details, or just irrelevant information. To able to do it, you should choose a specific and narrow topic. Nevertheless, it should not be too narrow either. Thus, if you decide to write about animals, the topic is too broad, and you will not be able to cover it within a page limit set by your professor. If you write about animals that, for example, people living on Evergreen Street keep, the topic is too specific. You should find the balance between two extremes.

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How Should I Format My Expository Essay?

A commonly accepted format for an expository essay is a 5-paragraph structure that includes an introduction, three body paragraphs, and, of course, a conclusion. Each body paragraph is devoted to one aspect of a topic. The smooth transition between the paragraphs should be clearly visible. Also, an introduction is supposed to have an expository thesis statement that informs about a topic and the angles from which it is to be discussed. Yet, this is a basic format requirement, and the structure, in fact, might differ depending on the task.

Are There Any Strategies Used in Expository Writing?

Surely, there are a couple of methods that may be applied if you need to write an expository essay. They are very easy to use. Thus, you might want to compare and contrast, examine the cause and effect relationship, provide an extended definition, or, lastly, discuss a problem and offer a solution. As a rule, only one method is used for writing a particular essay, but if necessary, they might be combined. It is allowed under the condition that the paper will be focused as well as free of inessential details and grammar errors. To avoid the latter, you should edit the essay carefully or order our reliable and effective editing service.

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