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How to Write an Art Thesis

When you need to write an art thesis, you should know that the main objective is to show your ability to conduct original as well as independent study. We can help you learn how to write an art thesis. Do not forget to include in your thesis a review on your previous work that is relevant to the selected subject and find out  how to write discussion in a thesis.    

Before choosing the topic, it is important to discuss it with your instructor or professor. You can also ask your Graduate Coordinator for some advice. As soon as you have chosen the topic of your interest, proceed with the research work. When you feel that you have a clear focus on the issue that has to be critically assessed, you can start writing your thesis. The thesis proposal format can vary. It will depend on the topic nature.  Overall, it should consist of two pages and a bibliography. The below information should be provided: 

  1. Brief summary of the question state presented in the literature;
  2. Nature and significance of the offered interpretation or contribution;  
  3. The used sources.

Upon supervisor’s agreement, the thesis can be submitted to the Graduate Coordinator in a hard copy or an electronic form. He/she, in its turn, will introduce it to the Art History Graduate Committee in order to receive its approval. 

Usually, the research starts on a second term of study. By that time you should know how to write a thesis. Students are supposed to submit it in order to get approval at the end of the term. You should be willing to complete your thesis proposal within the set deadline in order to graduate in spring or autumn. Remember that, in summer, members of the faculty travel to conduct a research work. That is why they can be unavailable starting from May and till August. It is better to talk to your supervisor and ask whether you can send your paper via electronic address or post it using QSHARE. You cannot do it without permission.

Before learning how to write an art thesis, you should select a suitable topic and writing approach. Make sure you address the selected topic according to scholarly standards. Remember that your thesis should be prepared for the Thesis Examining Committee. It will comprise of the department head, supervisors, and any other member of the faculty. The committee is not always qualified in the selected field of study. That is why you need to give references to the topic background and stick to the writing rules. If you need any additional information on how to write an art thesis, you can always look for assistance online.

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